Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Survival Essentials

I have recently discovered the secrets to Second Breakfast. Here's how I do it. First, between 4:00 and 5:00 every morning, I begin my rounds. I start with a plaintive cry which gradually builds to heaving myself fairly violently (though safely) against all furniture obstacles and doors. My humans, Merrianne and Paul, respond consistently well to this behaviour, which, as it turns out, is an unbeatably effective attention getter. One of the two leads the way or picks me up...into the kitchen and provides a delicious, healthy snack. We perform various ablutions and just when they are ready to tuck into sleeping soundly, I sound off again. Since one has already accompanied me, the other takes over. I must add, though, that the key step to success in the doubling of the snacks is to prevent clear communication between them. This can be done in any number of wily ways, as I'm sure you already know. Thus, we have second breakfast. One day, I managed to eat two second breakfasts and a couple of second dinners too. I don't think they were irritated by this at all. Do you?


  1. I'm pleased that the furry, yellow alarm clock is still on the job. Everyone likes second breakfast, buddy!

  2. Methinks this His Wobbliness goes bump-in-the-night to put on a show the likes of Cirque du Soleil in order to garnish himself with 4 square breakfasts per day. He's not stupid! GO LEMON!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes i have noticed that you ensure both humans know who, in fact, is running the household. And I've also noticed how you gift Merrianne a full night's sleep every now and again ( but not too often!) to keep her on board and in love with you. LOL so clever are you, Lemon