Friday, January 7, 2011

Shakespeare's Cat

I think the bard had a cat named Rose, though I'm not sure how sweet she smelled. My name, though, is a little more controversial than this. Please know that Lemon is a good association, not bad and certainly not critical of me. This, I understand. And, you should too. Lemon is sweet and so I am. Pie tasty goodness.

Now...what gives with that ear tattoo?


  1. What a great self portrait Lemon! So regal!

  2. I like lemons! I just squeezed some lemon juice into my tea!

  3. Dearest Lemon!

    My name is Shiva and I am your elected Purrime Ministerette with CH!

    Me and Jaya are the coolest rescue kitties on Planet Purrth. You are the sweetest Lemon kitty on Planet Purrth. I love you much!

    Purrime Ministerette Jaya says meow! We wave from the roof of 10 Downing Street!

    Shiva & Jaya